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Request for Video

The Crossroads Production Ministry Team is a group of volunteers passionate about sharing the Gospel through media. We are overseen by a staff member, which holds final approval of all videos. While we would love to produce all of your ideas, this is not always possible.

Videos produced must enhance the mission of Crossroads Christian Church.

A member of the production team must be involved in all pre-production meetings to assist in the direction for the video. Our team is responsible for the end product and creative direction. The post-production process will be completed by only members of the Production Team, using software, equipment, and standards as set by the ministry team.

All videos are to be used across multiple platforms (i.e. website, newsletter, Sunday service). Video releases must be obtained for all who appear in the video, especially minors. Video rights will be relinquished to Crossroads Christian Church to use in any matter deemed appropriate.

To request a video, please fill out the information below. Questions? Please contact Indra Palmer.