Estate Planning


We had a unique privilege in the October Prime Time to invite Jeb Graham, Financial Specialist from LPL Financial, to come and share with our congregation the importance of Estate Planning.  There have been so many events in the past weeks here at Crossroads that have made this a timely and necessary conversation about “planning for your legacy”.

Jeb shared a solid, detailed explanation around term definitions and pitfalls around typical estate planning to help clear the way for better understanding and a mindset change to stop waiting and work to have your plan in place.

We had a very good turnout and some very good questions with Jeb and his Team following the presentation. This was a perfect opportunity to think about how you can take care of your families’ needs and leave a legacy for your church to further the ministry. Thanks again to Jeb and the LPL Financial Team for helping the Crossroads Family have a better understanding of this very important step in future planning. 

Click here to watch a video of the presentation. 

Below are documents from the presentation.