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Ways to Give

Cash Flow Gifts: A person can give significantly by giving smaller amounts at higher frequencies. Weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly allows large gifts to be reached in smaller steps.

Diverted Funds Gifts: Freeing up funds that are currently going to other areas of spending allows a person to increase giving to God’s work. Diverting fund from entertainment, dining out, dues, subscriptions, gifts, allowances, utilities, or transportation offers lifestyle adjustments that impact one’s giving.

Delayed Expenditures: The delaying of purchases allows a person to significantly increase giving. The acquisition of major items such as automobiles, clothing, or trips, when postponed, allows substantial giving opportunities.

Income Producing Assets: Interest income, payments from rental properties or monies from other income producing assets provide a source for increased giving.

Sale of Assets: Sale of major assets, such as a house, car, land, or business provide available income for giving.

Raises/Bonuses: Dedicating one’s forthcoming raises and bonuses is a creative method people have used to increase giving.

Freedom from Debt: As a person looks ahead into the next three years, he or she may discover that debt obligations will be fulfilled. This frees up revenue for additional giving.

Unique Skills Income: Some people have marketable hobbies or skills that enable them to give from those new profits.

Charitable Giving Resources: Reviewing all of one’s charitable donations in light of their impact on the kingdom of God affords a resource for significant giving.

Savings and Annuities: Savings for special projects, retirement or a “rainy day” may offer a resource for increased giving. Often we realize that a portion of our saving may safely be given to the work of God’s kingdom through our church.

Additional Work Income: Taking a second job or part-time job or coming out of retirement are successful strategies people have used to increase giving.