Too Busy Not To Pray

The urgent need for prayer in today’s broken world is clear, but business still keeps many of us from finding time to pray. It’s important that everyone, both young and old, make prayer a priority.


This study will help you learn: 

The importance of a consistent time and place for prayer

How to organize prayers according to tried-and-true frameworks

How to hear the Spirit’s promptings

To love prayer time


It helps you slow down, listen to God, and learn how to respond.

As a result, you will grow closer to God and experience the benefits of spending time with Him.

Class meets:

Date 07-13-2017       Room 144
Date 07-20-2017       Room 144
Date 07-27-2017       Room 144
Date 08-03-2017      Ro0m 144



Group Leader

Tiameka Rankin



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