Small Groups provide an opportunity throughout the week to study God’s Word while building friendships with others in the community. Browse the small groups below, hover over image a gray bar will appear at the bottom with arrows to turn pages. Booklet can be downloaded here.



What is the purpose of Crossroads’ Small Groups?

Small Groups exist to promote healthy, spiritual friendships. We do this by studying the Bible and developing a Biblical community.

As our church grows larger, we want to continually grow smaller through Small Groups. The goal of our Small Group structure is to give everyone a place to learn, share, grow, pray, worship, encourage and be encouraged.

What kind of Small Groups are there?

At Crossroads we offer a wide variety of Small Groups. Each of the groups vary in curriculum. However, Bible study is at the heart of every group.

What is the difference between a Small Group and Adult Elective?

Small Groups and Adult Electives are very similar but Adult Electives take place during worship services on Sundays. The idea is you can attend  service and then stay for an adult type Sunday school.

What will a meeting be like?

While each group has its own personality, there are certain things you’ll find in every group. For instance, each group will set aside time at every meeting for individual prayer requests. We understand that not everyone likes to share, or at least right away, so we try not to put anyone on the spot. No one is asked to share personal information, read aloud, etc. unless they demonstrate they are comfortable doing so.

When and where do Small Groups meet?

Groups meet on different days at different times. Some groups meet at the church building while others prefer the comfort of meeting in homes. Some groups meet year-long while others meet anywhere from 4 to 15 weeks. Some groups meet every week others twice or once a month. At your first meeting your Small Group leader should give you a schedule of your groups meeting dates.

How much does it cost?

To join any group is free however some groups require books or workbooks, which you, the individual are responsible for paying. If the fee cannot be worked into your budget the church does offer scholarships. Approximate costs associated with most groups are listed in this booklet to give you a rough estimate of materials cost. In most cases, your group leader will order the materials needed for your group.