Sound Team


Utilize service-minded followers to manage and operate the church sound system during Sunday morning and special services.

Ways to Serve

Before each worship service:

  • Turn on all of the applicable equipment.
  • Set up wireless microphones needed for each service.
  • Set up all sound equipment.
  • Check and test entire sound system (sound board, stage, microphones and recordings).
  • Work closely with other Ministry Teams (i.e. music, drama, etc.) to ensure the sound system will meet their needs for the worship service.
  • Play appropriate recorded music 15 minutes prior to the beginning of each service. All music must be approved by the Music Ministry Team.

During each worship service:

  • Operate and monitor the sound board and equipment to ensure the proper volume and balance are achieved to facilitate enjoyment of the worship service.
  • Play any special music CD/MP3 at the appropriate times.

After each worship service:

  • Play appropriate recorded music for 5-10 minutes at the conclusion of each service.
  • Secure all sound equipment and lock up sound booth.
  • Dismantle and secure all wireless microphones and equipment.

On an ongoing basis:

  • Be available for continued training and updates.
  • Report any repairs or upkeep required to the team leader.
  • Authorize and supervise use of sound equipment for all special events.

Contact: Dustin Kerr
Phone: 913-207-3642

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