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Missions Team

To promote the message of God’s love both locally and abroad through evangelistic, benevolent and service-oriented efforts.

Ways to Serve
Using prayerful Christian stewardship, team confidentiality, and compassion, we:

  • Oversee distribution of 10 percent of the annual church budget toward a limited number of identified projects.
  • Maintain a world-wide vision by balancing local and international efforts to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Facilitate Crossroads’ involvement in being a “Living Link” missionary supporter.
  • Encourage church body interest and involvement via regular reports and community outreach opportunities including Local Ministry Outreach (LMO), service projects and short-term missions trips.
  • Maintain a “telephone link” to meet needs among our church families and local self-referrals using our budgeted monies, and referral to other agencies as appropriate.
  • Assist the ministry efforts of other Ministry Teams via scholarship support.

Contact: Annette Phillips
Phone: 913-219-5547
eMail: tntphillips006@sbcglobal.net

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