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Helping Hands

The purpose of Helping Hands is to provide support and assistance in assembling and dispersing informational material concerning church activities and any similar duties requested by individual Ministry Teams.

Ways to Serve

  1. Sunday Morning Bulletins

The bulletins are assembled each Friday afternoon at 3:00. Everyone is assigned to a team and each team will come one Friday afternoon a month. It usually takes less than half an hour. A reminder e-mail will be sent during the first part of the week, when it is your team’s turn.

  1. Newsletters

We assemble the newsletter once a month, usually late in the month. There is no set date for this; we have to wait until the office has printed them. When they are ready, we will call 6-8 people to come in late in the morning (10-11 a.m.). This takes around an hour to complete.

  1. Other Responsibilities

We also help with other special mailings or odd jobs, as needed. For example, we assemble Christmas Bags for the Children’s Team. We also are available to help other Ministry Teams. We will call several team members whenever we receive a request.

The majority of these tasks are done on weekday mornings and Friday afternoons. Serving on this team typically involves about one hour every six weeks.


Contact: Norman and Betty Williams
Phone: 913-831-2108
eMail: kansaswill@aol.com

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