I started attending Crossroads in early 1998 when my great-nephew, Kole Johnston was born.  I was baptized by Brad (Fangman) in July 1998 while we were still meeting at Broken Arrow.  Crossroads has blessed my life thru both Celebrate Recovery and Stephen Ministry.  I am grateful to all who have prayed for and with me during the past 17 years.  I am truly blessed!~ Toni Anderson

After moving to KC in 2008, we searched for months to find a new church home.  Becky and I had attended several churches together and seemed to just be settling.  One day we decided to drive up Renner Rd on the way home to explore some side streets.  When we came to Renner & Johnson Drive, Becky said “that’s the church the lady at Price Chopper told me about”!  We decided to come to the 11:00am service after the services at the church we were attending. When we walked in everyone was so friendly!  Brad Fogo made us feel at home by having some conversation.  Then we heard Brad Fangman preach and knew we had found a church that had a solid foundation of Christ and Fellowship! It was an awesome feeling knowing that God had the place for us all along. What a blessing! ~ Tracy Armentrout

I first attended Crossroads Christian Church about 20 years ago upon receiving a postcard inviting the community to attend the “new” church at Broken Arrow Elementary School. It didn’t seem like a perfect fit for me at the time. However, years later, as my circumstances changed and my current church was no longer meeting my family’s spiritual needs, I revisited the church and it was a different experience!  God leads us to where we should be!  My greatest concern was whether my children (elementary and junior high school age at the time) would feel loved and accepted by the staff and other children. The ministry team is exceptional at Crossroads! Shelly Gossett loved my shy little girl from the moment she saw her and always made her feel welcomed, accepted, encouraged, and loved.  I felt peaceful leaving her with the children’s leadership team because I knew she was going to enjoy herself and not feel like an outsider.  Many times, children will form cliques and not welcome others into their environment, even in churches! We found this not to be so at Crossroads!  The children welcomed my daughter as though she was a friend they hadn’t seen in a while.  The staff encouraged involvement and acceptance among the children and my daughter loved it! My junior high school son immediately became involved in attending church and with the extra-curricular activities offered.  He loves to cycle and play games so the game room appealed to him immediately!  He has enjoyed his time at Crossroads and even when life has given him detours, he always finds himself accepted and respected by the youth leaders and especially Mr. Mark Palmer who greets him with a huge smile and welcomes him back. The encouragement and love from the staff is amazing!  I could not ask for a better church experience for my children than Crossroads Christian Church!  As for myself, I enjoy the warm friendly feeling I receive from the greeters and welcoming committee at the front doors to the relaxed atmosphere of the church members.  I walked in for a visit and God showed me the love and acceptance of Jesus through His people. I felt God’s love wash over me and realized I was where He needed me. The church offers many ministries and encourages congregational involvement in order to unify the church family, to distribute and lighten the workload, and to fulfill the Great Commission: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you” (Matthew 28: 18-20). After all, as Christians, we are commanded to bring light into the darkness, to show mercy, kindness, and love, to spread the truth of Jesus, and to win souls for Christ so others do not perish but have everlasting life. I am thankful and grateful for Crossroads Christian Church and I pray for God’s blessings and abundant love upon the church. May all who enter Crossroads Christian Church find the same love, support, acceptance, and blessings as my family have received. God Bless Crossroads! ~ Susan Bernal

I would like to preface this by saying what an impact a simple phone call can have on a person’s life. I hadn’t been to church in many years, even then it had been hit and miss. When I retired I decided I needed to find a church. Actually there had been a nagging little voice telling me this for a while. I was ready to go church shopping, but before I could start I received a phone call from a young man looking for people without a church home. Well that was me. Something had been missing in my life. I just didn’t know what. To make a long story short, my husband and I were at Crossroads on the first day and have been there ever since. I was semi– Bible illiterate but Brad’s messages were just what I needed. I had been baptized as a teenager but never made any changes in my life. Brad baptized me again and after that I had this gentle feeling of peace wash over me. It has helped me get through some of the most difficult times of my life. I now had God walking along side of me. I started getting involved with church activities, something I had never done. I have made some dear friends at church. Crossroads has been with me and my family through some difficult times. I approach each day with a new attitude. I still fee like I am taking baby steps in my Christian walk but I continually learn something new every day. I owe this to a phone call that I almost didn’t answer. It had to be a God thing.  ~ Sue Bond

My story actually begins 2 years before we started attending Crossroads. My wife Charlotte (Charly) was stricken with a cancerous brain tumor that paralyzed her right side for a couple of days. After a few days it was decided by my daughter and I to remove her from life support on the recommendation of the attending doctor . Thats when my faith in the Lord was restored thru prayer. Well to make a long story short, after removing tubes Charly started breathing on her own which brings me to the time we found Crossroads. During her hospital stay, and surgery to remove tumor I promised her that when she got back on her feet we would start attending church. We bounced from church to church around Shawnee and then in May of 2003 we were at the Old Shawnee Days parade and the Crossroads float came by and we decided to try them out. Our first Sunday they had a skit about building the new Church where we are now. The greeting we received that first Sunday made us decide to come back the following Sunday and we were hooked. Shortly after moving in the new building we were baptized and joined the church. Through the years Brad and staff taught us a lot about the Bible that we never knew. Thank you Crossroads for restoring our faith in God and to have a church home to be very proud of. ~ Bob Bray

Our family feels blessed every day to have been members of Crossroads during our early years as Christians.  The straight-forward Biblical teaching created a strong foundation for our family as we left Kansas City and had to find new church homes.  We are also so grateful that God gifted Brad with incredible leadership abilities and that Brad has used those gifts faithfully.  Our family has been eternally impacted by the efforts of all of the ministries at Crossroads.  We can’t say thank you enough.  Congratulations on 20 years! ~ Valya Broyer

I don’t know if there are words to express my deep gratitude for all Crossroads has meant to my family and me. In 1998 my husband, Mike and I were discussing a divorce. We had given up on any hope that our marriage could be saved. Our neighbor, Jaime Throckmorton, kept inviting us to church in this turbulent season of our lives. We finally agreed. On August 9, 1998, three weeks after our first Sunday, Brad preached on repentance. That day I surrendered my life to Jesus and shortly after was baptized. For several months after that, Brad sat at our kitchen table and answered Mike’s questions about the Bible and prayed with him. In January of 1999, Mike accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior and was baptized. From there we spent 16 years at Crossroads growing in our faith, joyfully serving the Lord and basking in the beauty of life in the Body of Christ. We will forever be grateful for all our years and memories at Crossroads and mostly for Brad’s selfless devotion to mentoring our family, teaching us God’s Word and shepherding God’s church with grace and wisdom. ~ Amy Dmyterko

Being the church secretary for Ben Saathoff, the Senior Minister of Tonganoxie Christian Church who was the President of the CEA, I had actually sent out the letters regarding the idea of a church plant in Shawnee.  When Brad contacted Johnnie to help with worship at Crossroads, we were excited about the new church.  Our younger daughters were in high school, and we discussed the possibility of them being involved, but respected their desire to stay with their youth group. Our compromise was that they would attend in Tongie and stay with the youth group there but attend Crossroads as a family at least once a month.  Jill and Julia immediately enjoyed Crossroads, and after a short time had made it their primary church and joined with us as charter members.  Our girls, the Fangman boys, and Chandler girls were the core of the original Crossroads youth group. We enjoyed friendships in the church family from the very beginning. The Fangmans welcomed our core group into their home each week, and we began to form strong bonds for which I still praise God.  The land purchase, personal and corporate growth, and expansions we have witnessed are truly blessings from God, and I am very thankful we have been involved since the conception of God’s work at Crossroads. By the way, meeting for Bible study before we had even started meeting on Sunday mornings, we found out that Johnnie and Colette neither one like the edges of cakes or brownies.  I did learn how to make the edge a center by quickly cutting off the edge and that piece would be for Johnnie because Colette gets the true center! 🙂 ~ Joann Ferguson

I began attending Crossroads 20 years ago at the age of 14.  It has been awesome to watch the church grow. I can’t put into words the gratitude I have for Crossroads and the Brads!  I love my family there.  I miss them terribly.  I was there during the most difficult times in my life as well as the best times.  I learned what it meant to have a personal relationship with Jesus during my high school years.  Julie Snell and Brad Fangman were the youth coaches back then, what fun!  Later, I met my husband and got married at Crossroads. I had the honor to serve on the worship team for a few years as well as attend a number of small groups.  No other church compares, no other pastors compare, which has made our move to NE very difficult.  Brad Fogo has been amazing talking with me after we moved, we would discuss the churches we attended.  Then more recently he let me know about a church plant right here close to us.  We are now part of a plant just like my parents when I was 14.  Thank you Fangmans for answering God’s call, the impact that your leap of faith has made in my life is miraculous.  If it weren’t for Crossroads I would not know my amazing husband and have our 5 wonderful kids. Again, there are no words to express how incredibly thankful I am to have been part of Crossroads and their mission to reach the lost.  Love you all! ~ Jill Gehring

After we moved to Kansas 5 years ago we began looking for a church home. We visited several churches in the area but the one thing about Crossroads that kept pulling us back was the emphasis on the Bible and the in-depth Bible teaching. Once we made the decision, we’ve been here ever since and have really grown in our faith. We are very thankful for Crossroads. ~ Lynn Jeans

I drove down Johnson Drive on my way to student teaching each day.  The sign on the fence of Broken Arrow intrigued me and so did the gigantic building down the street so I attended a few services at the school.  I had never had a church home ever and I was looking for one when I moved back home from college. As I walked away from my college friends and way of life, I walked through the doors of our church and my life was forever changed.  After 11 years of walking through the doors at church I am stronger in my faith each time.  A great thing happened about 10 years ago.  In the bulletin was a gathering for young adults at Lauren Zonko’s house.  Little did I know that God would fill my life to the brim with Christian friends and fellowship.  Crossroads has been the building blocks of my foundation in faith. It is my family.  It is where I can be me. ~ Keri Landry

Jim and I would like to share our testimony of the enormous impact the CCC family has had in our family’s life.  Specifically the time surrounding his illness and resulting brain injury. We had been members of CCC for many years prior to Jim’s illness which occurred Dec. 24, 2012.  We have always felt right at home at CCC, and have grown in our faith individually and as a family.  We enjoy so many friendships with brothers and sisters in Christ. There really is not a measure big enough to count the positive ways our family has been impacted by this body of believers.  Our family has been tenderly carried through a terrifying time of trials due to an illness that attacked Jim’s body and nearly killed him. Many people from CCC, even those we did not know personally at the time raised us up in prayer.  Many of you drove back and forth to our home in Lawrence, KS providing meals, home cleaning, home repair, childcare, a listening ear, CCC staff support and so much more! We received gifts of time, treasure, and talent from SO many.  We gained new friendships, and grew deeper bonds with old friends.  No doubt in our minds that God thought of every need, even the smallest….because they were/are ALL met! I can see the faces of our CCC family a mile long, with the countless acts of love that were showered on our family.  I can still see those faces staying the course with us as our journey continues, though now stable in our “new norm.” God is love, and we are so thankful to be a part of this great BIG family of believers, because love just pours out of this church.  We love you all so much!~ The Pilkinton Family (Jim, Heather, Loraine and Lars)

In May 2010, I moved from Lenexa to Shawnee. A few months later, I decided I wanted to find a local church to start attending. I started searching online and found a few options but I wasn’t really sold on any of them. I checked my mail later that day and I had received an invite card from Crossroads so I decided to check it out. I felt so comfortable here and the message was great. I remember calling my best friend later that day and telling her “I love my new church!” My attendance was not very consistent at first as I was still living life my own way, but no matter how long I’d been gone, whenever I returned to Crossroads I still felt like I belonged here, not like an outsider. Once I finally got serious and decided to put God first, Crossroads was there and ready to help me! Through the Small Groups, Ministry Teams, sermons and fellowship with Crossroads family, I have learned what it truly means and what it looks like to be a Christian. I used to put my hope and purpose in my job, but as my faith grew I put my hope in God and realized that He is my purpose. At that point, I no longer needed to find the “perfect job” and for the first time I had peace about my job and was happy with what I was doing. Then God showed me how wonderful and amazing He is…He took me from good to GREAT and brought me to work at Crossroads! Here I not only get to work with some of the best and most talented people I’ve ever met, I also get a chance to serve God through my work. I never would have imagined I’d be here but that’s how God is…He is greater and His plans for us are greater than we can fathom. I thank Crossroads for helping me to develop a relationship with Christ because that’s when my life really began! ~ Tiameka Rankin

Attended Crossroads for awhile many years ago.  Left and attended other churches and even attended no church for a couple of years because I had given up on ever feeling at home in a church.  However I decided to come back to Crossroads several months ago, after realizing out of all the churches I’ve attended through the years, Crossroads was the one I felt most at home.  Since I’ve been attending again I have been so refreshed by the Lord’s presence through worship music, sermons and fellowship on Sundays as well as the every other Friday women’s Unglued Bible Study.  I finally feel at home in a church!  Thank you Crossroads!  I appreciate you and your service to The Lord! ~ Margaret Reichart

All of the messages we hear at Crossroads somewhat relate to us. That’s why we love our church. Brad tells it like it is. Crossroads taught us to give our problems to GOD instead of trying to handle it on our own.. I hate to think where our lives would be if we hadn’t found Crossroads Christian Church. ~ Rosemary Robinson

I was just wanting to thank you for the sermon about comfort and adversity. It brings comfort to my heart knowing that there are reasons that we go through what we go through, that is to help other people through their trials and tribulations. It reminds me of my parents, Bill & Judy Schmelzle, who were excluded from her parent’s family for a long time because they left the Catholic church in the early 1980’s. My parents now lead a Bible study with my dad’s siblings once a month in Seneca, and both the Schmelzle’s and Fangman’s families are slowly converting to Protestantism. Thanks to a few of us including my parents who have truly questioned what it means to have a relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and to question some of the teachings of the Catholic Church. In addition, the sermon topic was relevant to my girlfriend, Jalana, and I because we both are divorced and come from similar marriages that both lasted 14 years and had a lot of the same stuff happen. It is easy to relate to someone who truly understands the situations that we go through, when they have already gone through those situations.  Jalana and I have both been Christians since we were young children and really like your church and plan  to come back again. We have talked about the importance of getting involved in a small group, and the importance of having good Christian friends that we can help and be helped by each other’s testimonies. I have lived in KC about a year and a half, and Jalana has lived in KC about 4 years and we are still looking for the right church that we can call home. We are getting married in the fall and hoping to start a family soon after. I have 3 children from my previous marriage: Annabelle 13, Austin 11 & Alex 6.  I thank God everyday for His blessings in my life and the fact that He is forever with us in any situation that we face. It warms my heart to have had the opportunity to attend Crossroads. We plan on coming back. ~ Gary & Jalana Schmelzle

So many options to choose from but I think I’d like to share about the time when many in the church came together for our family in a time of need.  Matthew had fallen at work and fractured his hip socket and was put on strict bed rest for 2 months to let the bones heal in place.  I happened to be 8 months pregnant with 3 other small boys at home.  A group from church came out and built a wooden ramp in front of our home so Matthew could get in and out of the house when he had to visit the Dr. for checkups.  Others from the church provided meals, helped wash my dishes and even scrubbed my bathroom among other things when I was exhausted from being in my 3rd trimester, caring for my husband’s every need while still caring for my other 3 boys.  During that time we were also surprised by receiving 12 days of Christmas gifts left on our doorstep each evening that I know must have come from church members.  Our boys thought that was really exciting.  Blessedly Matthew was healed enough to be up using a walker a week before our 4th son was born but I know our need being provided for in such a thoughtful, loving & complete manner is not an isolated case.  I am so happy that Brad called my parents oh so many years ago looking for a core group to help start a church in Shawnee.  🙂 ~ Amanda Souder

CCC at 20

Twenty years without fears
This Lord’s congregation has been growing
With faith unending in God without bending
Now, can we brag without blowing?
Consider their start from the beginning.

Starting with Brad Fangman and Jesus’ force
Does the name Gregg Snell ring a Bell?
And of course don’t forget Ron Morse.

With names like Fangman and Fogo
You might think of a werewolf and a hobo
But they didn’t shed any blood, indeed
It was Jesus who died for our need

We are sinners all, saved from the fall
If you want to see something keen
Read John three : sixteen

Now with Brad and Brad and Jeff and Sue
They all just want to serve yours and you
~ Glen Snell

We were happily attending a different non-denominational Christian church, when we first visited Crossroads in April 2014 to witness a friend’s Baptism. After that, we continued going to that other church but Crossroads was tugging at our hearts. Ron’s birthday was on a Sunday in June and he asked, as a “birthday present,” to try going to Crossroads again. Even though we were perfectly happy with our other church, we have been attending Crossroads ever since! We know the Lord sent us here! ~ Ron & Betty Stern