21 Year Bond

In 1995, John and Sue Bond had just retired. Sue had a nagging feeling of needing to get back into church so she and John decided they would start looking for a church. Before they had even begun their search, they received a phone call from Brad Fangman asking if they had a home church and inviting them to Crossroads Christian Church for its opening on Palm Sunday on April 9, 1995. So John and Sue got dressed up and decided to give it a try. They both agreed that they would attend but would not get involved in anything and John even told Brad that he would just give him every other Sunday… but their plans quickly changed. From helping with set up, passing out communion and organizing a prayer box, to preparing and distributing refreshments, greeting people, and assembling newsletters, John and Sue were involved in a little bit of everything!  

This couple has watched Crossroads grow, develop, and go through many changes over the past 2 decades. One thing that has kept them coming back is the people… good people with good hearts and a sincere desire to know and serve Christ. There’s not a lot of bickering and in-fighting and the church isn’t always asking people for money. They also enjoy the friendly, casual atmosphere that is uncommon in many churches. They suspect that the crazy Crossroads staff has something to do with that! They enjoy Brad’s sermons and having pastors they can talk and joke with instead of those who are always serious and unapproachable.

Through Crossroads, Sue has learned to be more prayerful and to get in the Bible more often. She’s learned to be more aware of other people and their problems and needs, more humble, and less self-focused. However, the greatest impact that Crossroads has had in Sue’s life is an amazing, unexplainable sense of peace that she never had before. Things no longer bother her and she doesn’t worry about things, especially those she has no control over. Even though things going on around her may not be perfect, she still has peace inside, knowing that God will work it out.

The church has been such a blessing to their family in so many ways over the years, from both John and Sue being baptized by Brad Fangman, to both Brads being present when they lost their daughter to lung cancer in 2010. They love the support they receive from the pastors and church family, as well as, all of the fun they have at the various gatherings and fellowship events. Sue describes Crossroads as friendly, comforting, caring, and helpful…and they would never go anywhere else.

You’re Invited to Worship

By Amie Sauvan

Attending Catholic grade school as I was growing up helped me form a relationship with Jesus at a very young age. My niche in school ended up being in music and the choir, including song leading in church on many Wednesdays. An organ, a hymnal and one way of doing music was the norm. I never knew anything else existed or that there could be potential for so much more. Fast forward years later to Crossroads where the music was a huge draw for my family, because it was so different from where we had come from. The idea that you could be an active participant, consciously taking part and not just as a quiet or silent spectator was eye opening. Learning that worship time is infused by the Holy Spirit and should be a special time for connection with the Triune God changed everything. I learned that authentic worship is intentional and that it looks different for each worshipper, that the Spirit can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary – when we let Him.

Last month, members of our music team were blessed to attend the National Worship Leaders Conference hosted at Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, KS. The conference was a three day event packed with inspirational and experienced speakers, relevant and interesting content and of course, incredible praise and worship music. From the opening sessions in the mornings  to the concerts that were held in the evenings, we were surrounded by sweet song and focused on absorbing as much as possible, to bring back to our family that is Crossroads. This conference was a natural draw for those of us on the music team and it was exciting to be part of a very large group of worship leaders united one place doing what we all love to do. But even more important, the way our hearts on this ministry team are wired led us to invest our time in something that is much bigger than we are. At the heart of every Sunday service after all the planning, practice and prayer, our desire to lead others into the presence of God through worship is the true reason why we serve. We long to lead and share with our church family in the gift of worship that God gives to each one of us. Worship is as individual and unique as every single person in the service. We all walk through the same doors each week in varying states of emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. No two weeks are ever the same and in this way we are all alike whether we’re on the stage or in the congregation. Each Sunday that arrives brings with it an opportunity, one that none of us should let slip by. No matter how burdened or light our hearts feel or what is going on in our lives, worship gives us a chance to spend a mere 20 minutes or so partaking in relationship with Christ where He will meet us right where we are. Where an intimate exchange of love takes place if only we let it, by showing up and by opening our hearts. That doesn’t have to mean raised hands and a loud perfect pitch through all the songs. It might not even mean standing up. How we look absolutely does not matter.  What is on our hearts during this time is what matters. Sometimes we come from a place of deep thanksgiving and joy, but other times we might not be able to utter a word and only ask to be soothed during worship.  That is the beauty of worship – the beautiful gift that God is waiting to give to us, because He knows exactly what we need. Sometimes we complicate things that can actually be quite simple and worship is a prime example. This Sunday when you come to worship and the music begins, in the words of David Crowder, lay down your heart and come as you are. No matter where that is, God will honor you for engaging with Him during this time. But we must remember that worship is a verb indicating action-not something that is done for you or to you, but by you. Tune out what is around you and tune into what God has for you.

You’re invited to worship. And it’s an awesome and powerful invitation that can and will change your life!