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Mark Palmer

Youth Pastor

I’m Mark. I lead a team of good people who have a heart to walk Jr. & Sr. High students in to a real, lasting relationship with Jesus.  I preach, I teach, I get laughed at and I get beat on the Wii (I own foosball though).  I coordinate conference trips, service projects and mission trips.  I text very slow and awkward.  (I have fat thumbs). I talk to students on Facebook, and do my best to give wise Biblical counsel.

Basic Stuff: I studied at Ozark Christian College and graduated in 1990.  I worked at Ozark for two years in the Admissions Department  prior to entering the ministry.

I started youth ministry in 1992 and have worked with kids and youth since.  My greatest joy is in students I’ve worked with in the past who now have their own families and serve in their local church.

I came to Crossroads in 2005 as the Children’s Minister. In 2007 I also took leadership of the Missions Ministry Team.  In 2010 I transitioned to the Youth Ministry role working with many of the same students I had in the Children’s Ministry.

My wife, Kim, and I have been married for 20 years.  We have the kids:  Nathan (a soccer player), Ryan (an aspiring video game designer) and Hannah (future veterinarian).

Birthday: March 26, 1968

Interests & Favorites:
Brazil, Mexico and Jordan (places I’ve been on mission trips)
Favorite Spot: Mt. Nebo where Moses died
Favorite Family vacation spot: Ko Olina, Hi. (20th anniversary)
Food: Yes
Movie/TV Show: Star Wars, Cars
Book: Besides the Bible?
Sports Team: KC Royals (I know)
Hobbies: None really
Dislikes: Peanut Butter
Odd fact: I’ve always wanted to go into space.  I’m thinking of selling advertisement space on my bald head to raise the $250,000 it will take for a trip to space in the next few years.
Scripture: Romans 5:8