2017 Staff Articles

Practical Suggestions for Enhancing Ministry Team Effectiveness

By Brad Fangman

March 2017

  1. It is critical that your Team Leader senses your support. From time to time, write him/her an encouraging note or give him/her a pat on the back for their work.
  2. Attend your meetings! There is nothing more discouraging for a Team Leader than to call a meeting and have no one show up.
  3. When asked to serve in a certain capacity, do so willingly and cheerfully. Don’t give your Team Leader the impression he is “putting you out”.
  4. Pray daily for your Team Leader and other team members.
  5. Take some time to brainstorm with other team members on what can be done to better fulfill your team’s job description.
  6. If you find out that your Team Leader has been picking up the slack for the team by himself, on the side, then be sure and offer your help to lighten his load.
  7. Be sure and replace any words of criticism with words of encouragement.
  8. If your team hasn’t met for some time, encourage your Team Leader to set a date.
  9. Periodically ask your Team Leader “What’s happening?” or ask if there is something you can help with.
  10. Consider, as a group, your team getting together for a pot-luck or social of another type each year.
  11. Recognize that attitudes are contagious. That’s all the more reason to heed Romans 12:11. You can make a difference!
  12. Don’t forget the goal we are striving for. It’s found in Eph. 4:11-16. These Ministry Teams serve as a good way for our church to better accomplish that goal. However, it is vitally important that… “each part does its work”.


Chili Cook Off

Last month during PrimeTime, we kicked off the Budget Presentation with a Chili Cook Off. We had 15 contestants bring in their pots of chili to be sampled and enjoyed by lots of “taste testers”. Each pot of chili had its own unique flavor and they were ALL very delicious! Being able to vote for only one contestant, we had a very difficult task ahead us… Fortunately the Fellowship Team had prepared lots of delicious cinnamon rolls to help comfort everyone after having to make that difficult decision. When the votes were all tallied, the winner of the Chili Cook Off was…. Linda Moore! Congratulations Linda! The mission she selected was the Palmer Family so the $424 we raised from that evening went towards helping Jeff and Indra Palmer plant a church in New Zealand. We’d like to thank everyone who brought in their wonderful chili as well as everyone who came out to cast their vote.