2015 Staff Articles

Welcome Ben Sander!

On January 4, 2016, Ben Sander will begin working at Crossroads as our new Music Pastor. Ben will be moving to Shawnee this month along with his wife Kelli and their daughters Hayley who is 6 years old and Emmalyn (Emma) who is 2 years old.

As the newest member of the Crossroads Team, we’d like to tell you a little bit about Ben. His favorite color is green and his favorite food is barbecue. Ben enjoys spending time outdoors and song writing…his favorite song is Be Thou My Vision because he has lots of good memories around this song from both his youth and adult life. Ben has been a believer all of his life and made the decision to surrender his life to Christ when he was 12 years old at Cedar Bluff Christian Camp in western KS.  His favorite aspect of being a Christian is seeing real life change in people. Ben always knew he was going to be in ministry in some capacity. God had made the decision for him and his life was pretty miserable until he surrendered to that calling. Ben will miss the daily relationships with the people he’s grown to love and care for deeply, but he’s really looking forward to this new opportunity…as well as some delicious Kansas City Barbecue!

We’re glad to have Ben on board and pray that he and his family will feel at home here at Crossroads!


Job Club

Crossroads is now working with Shawnee Mission School District on the “Job Club” initiative. This is a great work program sponsored by the school district that helps young people who are in need of basic job skills training to get that training through coaches in various locations throughout the Kansas City Metro. Holly Sprick was our first contact who had the vision for Crossroads to become part of that network. Working with Janet Burk at Shawnee Mission Northwest, we set up schedules and jobs for the kids. On October 13, we had our first workday where the kids came into the church, checked in, and walked through an orientation with me and the coaches. They have their own duties and their own tools to utilize for their hour of job skill development! Debbie Jenkins and Darlene Howard are the first Job Coaches and are doing a wonderful job of keeping the kids focused and engaged in their particular tasks. The staff has been great with the kids and the program seems to be off to a great start! Thanks so much to Holly and her team for giving Crossroads the opportunity to be a support for the community in a new way! SO if you ever want to meet the kids, they’re here from 1:10pm – 2:00pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays!


A Message From Brad…..

As most of you have heard by now, Jeff Palmer’s last Sunday as part of the Crossroads staff will be Nov. 8. I just wanted to say that we have thoroughly enjoyed having Jeff on staff. His work ethic, new ideas and heart for ministry have served the church well over the last 3 1/2 years. When I interviewed Jeff over 3 1/2 years ago, I knew then he had a desire to be involved in new church work eventually. That is why we have intentionally tried to give him exposure to all aspects of ministry, not just music. Jeff will make an excellent Lead Pastor. Along with Indra, I know they will do a good work in New Zealand. I’m excited about the adventure they have in front of them. Might we, as a church, under gird them in a significant way with sincere prayer, along with the financial assistance we have already committed to providing. ~ Brad Fangman

Keep reading below to hear more from Jeff and Indra about their call to the mission field. You can keep up with the Palmers’ New Zealand adventures at or by following /palmerfamnz on Facebook! They can also be contacted by email at

We Have Been Blessed…

Ministry is an adventure. In fact, when any of us pledge our obedience to Christ and His will for our lives, we know that we are in for an adventure. We never know when or where He will call, but we do know that when the call comes, we must go. That being understood, there is no doubt that God has placed an irrefutable call on the hearts of Indra and I to go and share the Gospel with the people of New Zealand. Unfortunately, going also means leaving something behind, and that is never easy.

Our family has been immensely blessed during our time serving and worshiping with the community at Crossroads. We have matured in our faith, strengthened our ministry, and gained a sharper vision for the Christian community that God has in store for His people. We have been loved, nurtured, and have had Godly help in teaching our children. We have enjoyed leading Bible studies and ministry teams with friends and volunteers who love and fear the Lord. So, in this season, we have been blessed. Therefore, it is difficult to say goodbye.

With the increasing demands of preparing for the mission field and not wanting a lack of our attention on Crossroads’ obligations to set the ministry back, I have been convicted to name Sunday, November 8th as my last Sunday on staff. We will then begin raising support full-time for the mission to New Zealand as well as attend training over the next couple of months. In February we expect our baby boy to be born and then we are off to the NZ in March.

We thank you for your prayers and your encouragement as we are sent out from this community to reach NZ for Christ. We hope that you will keep up with our journey at or by following /palmerfamnz on Facebook. As always, let us know how we can be praying for you as well!   


Jeff, Indra, Avani, Aniya, and ‘baby’


2015 Summer Intern

How I Spent My Summer…

Over the course of the last two months, I have been blessed with the opportunity to be involved in several facets of Crossroads. A few of my favorite experiences this summer were tag-teaming a sermon with Brad Fogo, trying to get over forty fifth graders to go to sleep at Hidden Haven Christian Camp, and spending a week camping in Colorado with the high schoolers. Going into this internship, one of the things that I looked forward to most was helping out and giving back to the church that has done so much for me over the years. I was able to do this in a number of ways: from small things like creating the announcement slides for the youth service and making copies of music for the worship team, to larger projects like helping to get everything set up for VBS. As an education major at K-State, the numerous opportunities to work with kids and teenagers have provided tons of beneficial experience. Things like leading the children’s and youth Sunday morning services, and co-leading the VBS Bible Expedition lessons, were helpful in getting used to speaking in front of and leading a large group of kids; while going on various summer camp trips with each of the different grade levels helped me to learn how to connect with kids in every age group. Overall, I have really enjoyed this opportunity to serve in the church I grew up in. I was able to get to know a lot of the staff and church members better, and understand the inner workings and processes that go on behind the scenes of the church.

~ Chase Cunningham

Welcome Chase!

We would like to introduce to you our 2015 Summer Intern, Chase Cunningham. Chase was active in the Crossroads Student Ministry until he graduated in 2014. Chase has completed one year at K-State. He will be involved in all aspects of ministry, helping with youth, children and adults during camps, Sunday morning services as well as special classes and events. Chase says, “I view this internship as an opportunity to grow in my leadership skills as well as give me a feel for what a ministry career could look like in my life.” The Internship will begin on May 26th. Welcome aboard Chase!




Here We Are. Send Us!

By Jeff Palmer


When Indra and I arrived to serve at Crossroads in 2012, we were impressed by the church’s founding principles and purpose statement: We exist to bring people to Jesus Christ and to assist them in becoming His fully devoted, reproducing followers.  Not only did our own personal convictions align with this statement, we had made a personal, conscious decision some years ago to ensure we live it!  That commitment has led us to follow God’s call to places we would have never imagined.  What is more, it has all but guaranteed us a life of excitement and adventure since we remain willing to go wherever God sends us to fulfill His ‘Great Commission’.

Today, it is evident that God is calling on us once again, both out of our comfort zone and ultimately, out of our culture.  We are excited (and a little anxious) to announce that we are being sent out as missionaries to the South Pacific, to New Zealand specifically, in order to plant a brand new, independent Christian Church!  This is not a rash decision.  In fact, it is a move that God has been brewing in our hearts for over 3 years now.  However, the season is now ripe for us to go, and we are answering the call.

The timeframe for our move is still slightly vague as we are making preparations both here at home and abroad.  We are hoping to be in New Zealand by the end of the year, but we will adhere to God’s timing above all.  In the mean time, we are ramping up to raise support partners for this wild endeavor.   Crossroads has continued to make its commitment to missions known by committing to cover close to 25% of our financial support over the next five years.  So, each of you who tithe to Crossroads already support our mission through a portion of your financial gifts to the church.  In other words, God is using each of you to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth!

Nevertheless, we still have a ways to go in order to be on the ground in New Zealand by the end of the year.  So, we ask each of you to partner with us in prayer.  Pray for our family, for good health, and against attacks from the evil one.  Also please pray for spiritual discernment in all decisions as well as God’s full provision for our family while we are in the field.  We have many hurdles to leap in the process, but we have the confidence and peace of God’s calling that ensures us He will provide.

Indra and I will be sharing more details of our upcoming journey during the May PrimeTime, although in the interim, you can always read the latest regarding our venture at Until then, we would be happy to discuss the next chapter in our lives with any and all of our family at Crossroads.


Heeding the Call,

Jeff, Indra, Avani, and Aniya


What Do You Say…

So, what do you say to someone that has served effectively in a volunteer role for over 15 years? Especially, when initially they stepped into it thinking it’d probably last just a couple years. But now here it is … 15 years later! Looking back, it is obvious; she did a bang up job. She was careful and precise, very detailed in her work and confidential in regards to the information she was exposed to. She never asked for a dime of compensation, didn’t complain about doing her work in a glorified storage closet and pretty much the whole time put up with computers that weren’t always the most up-to-date models around.

Yeah, it’s hard to know exactly what’s the best way to express the gratitude she deserves for all these years and all the trips to the church office and hours invested. As a matter of fact, her work involved her putting some mileage on her car. And I don’t recall one time where she asked or even hinted at wanting mileage reimbursements. Sometimes she had to spend additional time on the phone trying to clear up mistakes on a statement. Other times she had to make a special trip to the office in response to a request from someone in the congregation for certain information.

I’m honestly not sure what the best way is to say ‘thanks’. Her conscientious approach to things gave me the confidence of knowing that things were being handled correctly. Though other churches made the news for scandals once-in-a-while, we had a person of integrity working behind the scenes being accountable every step of the way!

I am thankful for you, Sondra Jordan. You have served for 15 years as our volunteer treasurer. I have to admit, I hate to see you step down from the role you have served so faithfully in for all these years. Thank you for your diligence, your hard work and your servant-heart. You are appreciated!

Brad Fangman