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Brad and Colette Fangman started Crossroads Christian Church on April 9, 1995 with assistance from the Christian Evangelizing Association of Kansas (CEA).

They attended Bible College in Joplin, Mo., where Brad received a degree in Christian Education. They then moved to Burnside, Ill., where he served in the Burnside Christian Church for 10 years.

The CEA contacted Brad in 1993 to gauge his interest in spear-heading the start of a new church in Shawnee, Kan. He dismissed the idea the first two times he was approached. However, the third time, with Colette’s encouragement, he took a deeper look.

He submitted a three-page resume that broke every rule in the book. He even dedicated a large section of his resume to his health history. Brad battled cancer twice – Stage 2 in 1984 and Stage 4 in 1987.

However, it didn’t deter the CEA. Brad, Colette and their twin boys moved to Shawnee in 1994. He began doing research in the community going door-to-door asking people who didn’t go to church, why they didn’t attend, and if they were to attend, what would they look for in a church. These answers helped guide how Crossroads is structured today.

The CEA provided start-up funds, a steering committee and Brad’s salary for three years. Once Brad was off CEA support, Crossroads became an autonomous church.

On opening Sunday, Crossroads had a core group of 18 adults and 11 children. Currently we have over 1,200 people who call Crossroads their church home.